Poetry Friday & “Winter’s Cooking” by Linda Baie

Poetry Friday & “Winter’s Cooking” by Linda Baie

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Happy Poetry Friday 2015, Episode 1! Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is hosting.

Today I’m sharing a lovely gift I received during the hectic holidays, from the talented and delightful Linda Baie. (She also sent me a handcrafted bird to hang and some chocolate! Perfect!)  My apologies for not getting it posted last week. I was in Texas with my family. 🙂 Thanks to Tabatha for organizing the swap.



Happy New Year to all of my PF friends. You continue to inspire me and brighten each week with your passion for literature, poetry and, dare I say it, sweets of all kinds, especially pie!

13 Replies to “Poetry Friday & “Winter’s Cooking” by Linda Baie”

  1. Linda touches on so many things in her poem: gratitude, lighting the dark, sweetening the bitter, opening our eyes. Happy New Year, Keri! Wishing you poetry, peace, prosperity, and productivity in 2015!

  2. Keri, you and Linda both fill my soul. You offer light while acknowledging the darkness of loss. I’m kind of glad I didn’t stumble over here this weekend before now; I am still sneezing from switching out the salt and pepper shakers! It was time to empty the holiday Santa ones. Not sure how many years you should go without changing their contents; and yesterday in town on a clearance table I found some bird ones (similar to ones I’d had before and gave to someone who loved them). Anyway, I’m all about seasonings and seasons and transitioning today, so thank you both for helping in that. xo

  3. Dear Keri,
    “Winter’s Cooking” by Linda Baie is a unique recipe & besides what everyone else shared, the ingredient I’ll point out as meaning much to me is:

    “Gratitude for the past,
    well wishes for what’s next.”


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