Poetry Friday: poetry speaks

Poetry Friday: poetry speaks

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It’s time to celebrate Poetry Friday! My friend Diane is hosting at Random Noodling!

Hello, friends!

It’s been a long time since we chatted with chickens. While I suspect that post may be the pinnacle of my blogging career, I have, after an unplanned break, decided not to give up entirely.

I’ve missed you & the weekly fun.

My One Little Word, mirror, has been working hard on me. I’ve found my life hasn’t been mirroring my priorities. I’ve been learning the hard way about boundaries — anyone else have trouble saying no?

Last week I completed a 2-year stint as a national conference planning co-chair. The conference is finished, there were no Major Disasters, and I got to stay in the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. This week I’m beginning to catch up. I’ll confess I don’t remember much of May except Mark whisked me away to the mountains for a long weekend to try to help me relax.

Thanks for keeping me inspired (and hungry, Jama!) when I had time to dash by your blogs. Here’s hoping to regaining my balance this summer!

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  1. I’ve wondered how you’re doing on your wonderful farm, Keri, and now find you’ve been “doing” other things. Congrats on finishing such a big accomplishment, and having it over so you can enjoy your summer. Your poem speaks beautifully of this mixed-up time we are living. Thank heaven for poetry!

  2. It certainly feels like the world could take it down a notch, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for soothing voices and poetry. Glad to have you back!

    1. Ha, yes! Maybe we should all start saying that — “hey, take it down a notch folks!” Poetry is a wonderful respite.

  3. Dear Keri – nice to hear from you… I am loving your OLW “mirror.” One thing that comforts me is, to everything there is a season… isn’t our task to be present for all of them? Poetry helps. Thank you. xo

  4. We are hearts that are still listening. Hope you find your peaceful place soon. Wondering if you have plans to be at the book festival in Jackson on August 20th. Would love to meet you face to face!

  5. Somehow I missed your chicken post earlier. So funny and clever. I’m sure once you come down from the organizing high/low the inspiration well will fill again. Have a relaxing summer!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Violet! Amy is fun to work with! You nailed it with the high/low — I’m still very busy but my brain doesn’t feel like it’s in overdrive all the time! Hurray!

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