Poetry Friday & a Summer Swap Treasure

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Thank you, Jone, for this wonderful poem!

Jone tells me it is a shadorma, which follows this syllabic pattern*:







*except, she confessed, dandelion has 4 syllables. “Oops!” she said.

To which I replied, “Not in the South. Folks ’round here call ’em “danduh-lines!”

Problem solved.

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My friend Margaret is hosting at Reflections on the Teche. See you at the book festival next month Margaret! And hey, all y’all come too! Jackson, MS on Aug. 20.

Author: Keri

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & a Summer Swap Treasure

    1. Me too! I end up getting hooked on these new forms because the syllable count can be so challenging. One summer a PF friend introduced me to the cinquain and that’s what I wrote *all summer*!!

  1. Another “moon poem”. I am in love with “a moon full/of wish starts”, & your explanation of that southern pronunciation is just right, Keri!

  2. Keri,
    I can’t wait for the book festival. We must exchange phone numbers. When I read the syllable count, I thought of the southern way yo say dandelions and told myself it works before I read your comment. Ha! Love a moon full of wish stars!

    1. You are a bright star in the Poetry Friday constellation, Michelle. Our summer sky missed you!

  3. Let’s hear it for the seeds of peace! Cool new-to-me form. 🙂 There was something from me that should have arrived in your P.O. Box on Thursday!

  4. Got to love this summer’s poem swap. The beauty of social media is that we are all invited to read what others have shared. Besides our own swaps, we receive packages in the mail, and those shared on all our blogs. I can’t wait until I open what you sent. I mentioned that in my PF blog today, Keri.

    1. I agree that the swap makes the summer more fun both personally and seeing what everyone else created!

  5. What a riot! Must be hard to tell kids how to divide into syllables there…then again it is here, too. We usually add a syllable.
    I just did a gone-to-seed dandelion picture and poem for my postcard exchange with Amy Souza.

    1. Dandelions are very poetic . . . as long as one doesn’t want a weed-free lawn. 🙂

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