Poetry Friday & a winter poem

Poetry Friday & a winter poem

In a cemetery in Tiverton, Devon, UK. From Wikimedia Commons, by Lewis Clarke.

A quick poem inspired by taking the stairs in my office building earlier this week (which had some dead bugs after the holidays but thankfully, no feathers!)

Linda already has quite a list of participants in today’s Poetry Friday round-up over at Teacher Dance.

Happy Poetry Friday!

26 Replies to “Poetry Friday & a winter poem”

  1. When we had an outdoor cat, he would bring a mouse or mole to our door. He would then give a muffled meow as it hung from his mouth, waiting for you to come to the door to see and exclaim over it. When you did show sufficient appreciation, he would proudly crunch the head for you. All I could do was say, “Good job!” and close the door. My expression was probably as warm as that angel’s.

  2. You’ve called forth hard memories of the cats in my life bringing unwanted gifts. The angel hiding her face is a wonderful completion of the picture. Thanks, Keri

  3. I’m loving the background photo on your blog right now… so wintery-lovely! I also think your haiku is clever and together with the photo you chose, tells a complete story. Have a wonderful year!

  4. I love your image. My daughter and I like to walk around a resting place with our cameras. We don’t talk but we feel happy and connected as we capture moments in stone. Feathers scattered….pretty. They are always pretty even when one has to get to the third floor!

  5. You have a rather graphic imagination! 😉

    The unexpected snow angel photo may find it’s way into another angel project poem!

  6. What a beautiful picture Keri. You found a poem or did it find you by noticing the small moment. What a find! Do you think that this one might be an offering for my next winter gallery, Winter Wonder? I would love to showcase an #imagepoem from you.

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