Poetry Friday: Winter haiku

Epic rhymer Donna is hosting this week at Mainely Writes.

This week I completed my first month of attempt at maintaining a bullet journal. So far I really like it! I find it flexible, and it has helped me slow down a bit through the month. So far I’m finding a decent balance between the practical and the colorful/pretty. The habit tracker really helped me get my daily tasks done!

Enjoy your weekend!



Author: Keri

20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Winter haiku

    1. You are too generous — I actually copied every idea, from doodles to fonts to arrows, from Pinterest! 🙂 You can do it!

  1. Oooh, gauze fog! I can hardly wait for the next foggy morning here – I love the gauze fog wrapping tree limbs! It’s a perfect description of fog.

  2. I love the pencil and that ‘gauze fog’ Keri. Though dry, we have a bit of fog this am, too, just right for experiencing your poem! That bullet journal is intriguing! I’ve been looking at them on Pinterest!

    1. Thanks, Linda! My granny is so terrified of fog (from her days in the San Joaquin Valley and “Tule Fog” that is so thick and dangerous) that it’s our family’s “f-word” — which is sad because I love the fog! I find it so mysterious.

    1. Yes! If you go to bulletjournal.com you’ll see the original, straightforward method. Then on Pinterest or Instagram look for #bujo or #bulletjournal and you’ll see loads of ideas. I like the fact that if I don’t like what I’ve done I can just turn the page and start something new. I’m not locked into a pre-printed planner.

    1. I hadn’t either until my stepson Robert got into fountain pens and notebooks. He said, “I think you might like it,” and so far I have! If you look on Pinterest and Instagram you’ll see a lot of people post their “spreads” for inspiration. I copied everything from other people!

  3. Did you draw in the heart & each little section, Keri, of your journal? It’s so inviting.
    And I love the idea of the wrap for that tree’s arms…. Appreciations.

    1. I did! Thanks! I used Pinterest to collect ideas and copy all of my doodles and fonts from there. No special talent, promise!

  4. Lovely poem, Keri!

    I ask myself, why bother with a bullet journal when post-it notes will do? But then again, at the end of the year, there’s no looking back. Your journal is quite inviting. Did it come with the quotes or do you find a quote each day? Have you run out of sage? Both of my adult children like Penzey’s, and I probably would, too, if I bothered to cook!

  5. That word “wrap” in your haiku conveys so much, Keri. I started bullet journaling over a year ago and I love it! Not just for day to day. I keep a separate bullet journal for my writing WIP. It’s a great way to stay organized.

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