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Poetry Friday: Autumn Equinox poem

Brenda is hosting at Friendly Fairy Tales! Lately I’ve been playing a mind game with myself: no social media unless I’ve written a poem. (Given it’s required for my job, I may be more motivated!) Guess what? I’m writing more. (Thanks, Diane, for the Wonderopolis reminder — I’ve been getting ideas there too!) And I’m […]

Poetry Friday & Paperwhites

It’s Poetry Friday! Tara is hosting at A Teaching Life. Thanks again to everyone who stopped here — sometimes more than once! — to share your links and your thoughts on creativity. You are welcome to see what others have posted and add to the conversation here. Related to the “spurts” or “butt-in-chair” thread, I […]

Poetry Friday and haiku practice

Amy is inviting everyone to the farm to celebrate Poetry Friday this week! As I’ve written before, I’m reading Jane Reichhold’s fabulous book, Writing and Enjoying Haiku. Typically I read for a bit during my lunch break one day a week and write some “desk haiku” for practice. (Note to self: write down which technique […]

Poetry Friday, a garden haiku, and EGGS!!

It’s Poetry Friday! My dear puzzle-poem-pal Donna at Mainely Write is hosting today! My apologies for all photo size strangeness. I wrote this post at least 3 times last night, resizing photos each time, and it never published. Thanks to Donna for emailing — hopefully it will work this time! Today I have a garden-related […]

Poetry Friday and Fun with The Haiku Anthology

Renee Tulippe at No Water River has this week’s round up!   Months ago Diane Mayr graciously guided my reading for learning more about haiku. I’ve been sipping at The Haiku Anthology before bed, rather like a cup of hot tea. It’s comforting to read timeless observations of the natural world when everything in 2014 […]