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Poetry Friday: Making Friends with Billy Wong, by Augusta Scattergood, copyright 2016

Last August, I went to the Mississippi Book Festival. I happened to sit next to a lovely lady who, like me, had arrived early to hear Kate Di Camillo speak. “May we join you?” is how I met award-winning author and Mississippi native Augusta Scattergood, author of Glory Be, How to Stay in Destiny, and […]

Poetry Friday Serendipity & My New Favorite Poetry Book

This week’s Poetry Friday festivities are happening at Check it Out, hosted by Jone. The serendipity is the photo I just took: Jone is my next-door-neighbor in the “About the Poets” section of The Best of Today’s Little Ditty 2014-2015, compiled by our beloved fellow poet and ditty maven, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. It’s my new […]

Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Each year for my job, I set a goal to read one book per quarter on a particular topic. This year’s topic is creativity, and so far I’ve read Big Magic & A Curious Mind. This quarter I read Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, copyright 1997. Here is a […]

Poetry Friday and haiku practice

Amy is inviting everyone to the farm to celebrate Poetry Friday this week! As I’ve written before, I’m reading Jane Reichhold’s fabulous book, Writing and Enjoying Haiku. Typically I read for a bit during my lunch break one day a week and write some “desk haiku” for practice. (Note to self: write down which technique […]

Poetry Friday and the Summer Poem Swap Kick-off

It’s Poetry Friday! Our marvelous maven of all things Poetry Friday, Mary Lee, is hosting this week!   It’s time to send my first poem to a fellow swapper. Tabatha has been gracious and kind to give those of us who need to be organized all the information we need — names, schedules, and even […]

The Poem Farm’s Summer Notebooking Project

   Attention grandparents, teachers, parents, writers,  doodlers, and scribblers of all ages: Summer has barely started, and the age-old question for those with kids around the house is: how do I keep them from losing ground academically during the lazy days of summer? While reading is always my first choice and recommendation (all kinds of […]

Poetry Friday & Today’s Math Problem

  It’s Poetry Friday! Paul at These 4 Corners is hosting. I’ve been thinking about this poem all week, inspired by friends who have been working for two years to adopt a teenaged Ukrainian orphan, Julia. They were very close to finishing the process when the recent conflict between Russia and the Ukraine began. Then […]

Poetry Friday and “Ladybugs!”

Happy Poetry Friday! This week’s poems are playing over at my friend Tabatha’s blog! From the posts I’ve read lately, we writers have all been ruminating over fresh starts, new goals, and OLWs. (Note to self: stop calling them OWLS. You are not at Hogwarts.) I interrupt these deep, philosophical musings to tell you my […]

Poetry Friday and Fun with The Haiku Anthology

Renee Tulippe at No Water River has this week’s round up!   Months ago Diane Mayr graciously guided my reading for learning more about haiku. I’ve been sipping at The Haiku Anthology before bed, rather like a cup of hot tea. It’s comforting to read timeless observations of the natural world when everything in 2014 […]