Poetry Friday Serendipity & My New Favorite Poetry Book

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This week’s Poetry Friday festivities are happening at Check it Out, hosted by Jone.

The serendipity is the photo I just took:


Jone is my next-door-neighbor in the “About the Poets” section of The Best of Today’s Little Ditty 2014-2015, compiled by our beloved fellow poet and ditty maven, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. It’s my new favorite!

bestoftld_coverEveryone in the Poetry Friday community is well aware of this delightful gem of a book, but for those (treasured few) readers who aren’t PF folks, I wanted to share this publication. It’s an anthology of poems written by friends in the Poetry Friday community in response to challenges set by authors interviewed on Michelle’s blog. If you have ever been interested in writing, if you are a teacher who wants to share different forms of poetry with your students, or if you are related to me and want to see my name in print, you should consider getting this book. In addition to the beautiful diversity of the collected poems, each form is introduced so you know the particular structure of the poems in each section. You will be itching to try your hand at a zeno in no time!

Reading through TLD 2014-2015 reminded me how fortunate I have been to have such wise and kind mentors as I’ve explored new writing territory. I likely never would have tried a cinquain or a tanka without first seeing them discussed on others’ blogs. For that priceless gift, I thank all of you writers!

Reading it also reminded me how much I’ve missed my PF peeps lately! Technical issues at home are the primary culprit, and this has happened a few times since he was born in late October:

“Is he asleep yet?” “No, just staring, as usual.”

Having a grandbaby half a mile from me is a lot of fun. And hey, walking him around is lifestyle exercise, right?

So, happy holidays to everyone! May the remaining days of 2016 be full of your favorites, and 2017 be overflowing with poetry!

Author: Keri

26 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Serendipity & My New Favorite Poetry Book

    1. Thanks, Jone! I adore babies, so it’s a real treat to see Bo regularly. He’s starting to smile!!

  1. I’ve ordered copies for my family, Keri, and am so proud to be in this wonderful book with those in the PF crowd whom I so admire, including you! Congratulations on your new grandbaby. You are lucky to have them so close. I love being with my grandchildren. Happy Christmas with him and all the family.

    1. Thanks, Linda! It is a treat to run my finger over the names and have so many happy moments come flooding back. You are a PF Rock Star and huge encouragement to me.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about another purchase I need to make 😉 and congratulations on your inclusion and on that adorable grandbaby! I echo your thanks for this wonderful community and the inspiration to try new things and take writing risks.

  3. Even sideways you and baby look like a happy pair! I enjoyed reading your work in the BEST OF… such a wonderful collection! Keep the poems coming, Keri! xo

    1. Ha! I’ve changed the photos in WordPress. Now they’re showing up right on my iPad and wrong on my laptop. Argh. But yes, Bo & I get along well. Thanks for the encouragement, Irene!

  4. I love your letter to the snow and your glorious beach tanka. I am happy to be an anthology sister-author. It’s my new favorite book, too.

  5. THANK YOU for this sweet post, Keri. (Made even sweeter by that beautiful grandbaby who seems perfectly content to stare blissfully in your arms.) A large part of what I love about TLD is that we not only learn from the challenges, but we learn from each other. Honored to share your work in this book, Keri.

    1. You get full credit for bringing us all together, Michelle! I know it has been a labor of love but it’s still labor . . . hope you are enjoying the fruit!

  6. Isn’t the book gorgeous! What a great collection! I bought a couple copies for Christmas presents.
    And the baby is gorgeous, too! Isn’t being a grandparent wonderful? So much better than being a parent. I should have just done the grandparent thing.

  7. Keri, the Poetry Friday community is filled with special people and lasting friendships, like ours. Best of luck walking around the little granbaby, who happens to be a sweet gem.

  8. Congratulations on two big events– being published and a new grandbaby! And I agree with you– there is NOTHING better than a grandbaby!

    1. He makes it difficult for me to want to do much else! I know he is going to grow up so quickly, I am cherishing these moments. Thanks, Carol!

  9. Two babies in the same post! One a darling grandbaby, and the other a newly born book! Fun times!

  10. Congrats on a grandbaby! I’m looking forward to getting my copy….and I agree that the PF community is absolutely wonderful. I feel so lucky to be able to join in and learn so much from everyone. Best mentorship ever!

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