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Poetry Friday: Mississippi Book Festival

It’s time to celebrate Poetry Friday! Heidi is hosting at My Juicy Little Universe. Today at Keri Recommends, I recommend connecting with poets and lovers of poetry. This past Saturday, I attended the 2nd Annual Mississippi Book Festival at the Capitol in Jackson. Billed as a literary lawn party, the festival organizers brought a wide […]

Mirror Monday quote & Pentimento

“A book was like stepping through a mirror. I could go somewhere else. Each one was a door to a whole kingdom.” ~Susan Sontag, via The Writer’s Almanac Last week while traveling for work, I stumbled through a mirror into a small, magical kingdom: a bookstore named Pentimento. Inside I found lovely comrades-in-reading, Toni Wall […]

Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston, South Carolina

In early June, I traveled to Charleston for a work conference. If you’re wildly curious about what I do, you can watch a video created about one of my projects as part of the conference. In addition to eating delicious food (Kaminsky’s coconut cream pie stands out in my memory!), I went to the locally […]

My Life Monday: Summer Resolutions

I don’t know about anyone else, but each summer, even though I work year-round, I have grand (or perhaps grandiose) ideas about what I can accomplish. Something in me always yearns to read, read, read. I haven’t had summer reading assignments in ages, but at some point all of those library programs and AP English […]

Footprints on the Ceiling, by Dorcas Smucker + author interview + GIVEAWAY!!

From lessons learned while riding on the back of a motorbike in Thailand to the importance of small, daily steps taken in pursuit of a goal, Dorcas Smucker shares vignettes of her daily life as a wife and mother, Mennonite woman, and writer in her latest book, Footprints on the Ceiling. Dorcas writes a column […]

Poetry Friday and Fun with The Haiku Anthology

Renee Tulippe at No Water River has this week’s round up!   Months ago Diane Mayr graciously guided my reading for learning more about haiku. I’ve been sipping at The Haiku Anthology before bed, rather like a cup of hot tea. It’s comforting to read timeless observations of the natural world when everything in 2014 […]