My Life Monday: Summer Resolutions

Summer 03

I don’t know about anyone else, but each summer, even though I work year-round, I have grand (or perhaps grandiose) ideas about what I can accomplish.

Something in me always yearns to read, read, read. I haven’t had summer reading assignments in ages, but at some point all of those library programs and AP English classes ingrained in me the need to read Self-Improving Literature during the summer. (I’m so nerdy I make myself wince.)

That notion is reinforced by my recent review of my bookshelves. I’m determined to use only the shelves we have and to keep only books I truly love (or that Mark refuses to part with) or know I’ll use. I want all of the books to be properly arranged, not stuffed horizontally on top of those shelved vertically. (Wince, wince.)

Which brings me to my confession: I have a horrible tendency to buy nonfiction and self-improving literature in bulk at the Friends of the Library book sales. If I happen upon a novel or book of poetry, I usually buy it, read it quickly, and pass it on. Then these other, very worthy titles squat on my bottom shelves and glare at me through the dust bunnies, muttering about neglect.

Therefore, one of my summer resolutions, besides steering clear of the FOL book sales, is to read at least one FOL book sale purchase each month — and continue until the stack is gone. On the list: The Professor and the Madman, Financial Peace Revisited, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Brave Companions: Portraits in History, Horn Book Reflections, and The Greatest Generation. That should see me to the end of the year if I read just one each month.

On top of that, I need to read work-related books to fulfill one of my annual goals. On the stack: Seth Godin’s new book What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn) and Everyone Writes. I also pulled Wild Minds (Living the Writer’s Life) by Natalie Goldberg off the shelf while cleaning, because it had a bookmark in it, but I never finished it.

And I want to read books about the craft of poetry.

And I found a novel I’d bought but never read, as well as a book designed to cultivate character.

And, on top of that, I have several quilt projects in varying stages of completion that I want to finish. One needs binding, two need borders, and the rest need piecing.

Which begs the question, when am I going to do all of this?!

On a positive note, I have small stacks of books to share with friends and a box for the FOL. The trick is to drop off but *not pick up any more books*!!!

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