Poetry Friday and Sharing the Road with Geese

Poetry Friday and Sharing the Road with Geese

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It’s Poetry Friday, and the last one in May. Margaret is hosting at Reflections on the Teche.

One day last week I stopped my car in the middle of the road for a family of geese to make their way across.

I drafted at least five different poems, scrapping each. I persisted because my friend Tabatha and her dog Lucy recently encountered a similar situation!

The final version is illustrated with a photo from a blog called Tips ‘n’ Tales. The columnist recounts a story similar to mine, except I didn’t have to stop traffic. 🙂

Photo copyright by Colleen at http://www.angelscribe.com/tnt_050909.html.

The Morning Commute

by Keri Collins Lewis

Mama hissed a warning.

The speeding car beeped.

Papa Gander honked and flapped.

Goslings dashed and peeped.

Once they crossed the busy road

the family paused and then,

they changed their minds

and waddled back across the road again.

23 Replies to “Poetry Friday and Sharing the Road with Geese”

  1. Oh, Papa Gander! Such a cute picture. Lots of geese families around these parts lately, too. Love seeing your experience in poem. xo

  2. I love the resulting poem. What fun to see this happen. I’ll be at the lake in Madison in a few weeks. Always loaded with geese and other water birds. Maybe I’ll capture some poetry there, too.

    1. I feel about geese the way I do many animals: they are so cute when they’re little . . . and so messy when they’re big. :-0

  3. I wish animals never had to cross a road! But I do love to see people trying their hardest not to hurt one. Having seen a careless (?) driver run over a momma’s ducklings once, I still get nervous that people won’t do the right thing.

    1. Oh Donna! That’s terrible. Everyone slowed down to let the geese pass, but I was flashing my lights in warning. 🙂

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