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About Keri

Welcome to Keri Recommends!

I’ve blogged since 2006, but had a catastrophic loss of content in June 2014. Only my text remains, minus all of the fun photos and videos I’d embedded in the blog.

I’m a happy member of the Poetry Friday blog party and post about my life, book recommendations, recipes, quotes, and poetry.

Believer, Poet, Beekeeper, Writer, Quilter, Bibliophile

Believer, Poet, Beekeeper, Writer, Quilter, Bibliophile

11 thoughts on “About Keri”

  1. alex says:

    are you the same Keri Collins that attended the Atlantic Center for the Arts a few years ago.
    If so I have been trying a few musical ideas with your poetry

    1. Keri says:

      Alex! How are you? I am the same Keri Collins, and would love to hear what you are up to these days.

  2. Keri, you wrote a marvelous haiku about fall that Michelle Barnes showcased on her blog. It is simple, elegant, and a glorious tribute to the beauty of autumn as the leaf stands tall to give a nod to the season. I was wondering if you might like to post this poem in the “Finding Fall Gallery” that I am creating. If so, you can see my thoughts at Thanks for sharing the message fall brings in your haiku.

  3. Tabitha says:

    I want to follow this blog

    1. Keri says:

      Thanks, Tabitha! I thought I had fixed it but I hadn’t so thanks for this message. I think it’s fixed now — there’s a place to put in your email on the bottom of the blog. Let me know if you have any trouble.

  4. C. Leslie Skimmings says:

    Helo Keri,
    I so enjoyed reading all the many interesting comments and learning about upcoming author and illustrator, Suzy Lee, and the reverso poems. I feel excited and challenged by the invitation to write one! But I would like to try one that would have a comforting sentiment once written in reverse. I think I will try (smile). Thanks for hosting this blog. Leslie Skimmings

  5. C. Leslie Skimmings says:

    Hello, again!
    I tried writing a reverso haiku, but it doesn’t quite work. It has about the same meaning either way you read it. But here it is, and I would welcome a photo to go with it if anyone has one to share. Thanks.

    ah! a bit of flame
    a flash of fire to warm the whitescape
    this cardinal in flight
    -Leslie Skimmings

  6. C. Leslie Skimmings says:

    Opps, the beat is off. How’s this one? Better?

    ah! a bit of flame
    a flash fire to warm the whitescape
    cardinal in flight
    -Leslie Skimmings

    1. Keri says:

      I like them both, Leslie! I like the contrast between “flash fire” and “whitescape.” You could invent your own compound word with “flashfire”!

      1. C. Leslie Skimmings says:

        So glad you liked the haiku, Keri. Thank you!

  7. David Cheatham says:

    Hey Kerri, I met your husband Mark at the gym Monday. Wonderful guy, he said you could recommend some good books to read with my 5 and 6 yr old girls.

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