Powell’s City of Books

On June 24, 2014 I fulfilled a longtime wish: I went to Powell’s City of Books in Portland.


Powell's was under construction, but still open for business.
Powell’s was under construction, but still open for business.

I’d planned to stay a couple of hours. I filled my arms so quickly I didn’t stay that long. But I plan to return . . .

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Vende Librum = Sell the book. Carpe Librum = Enjoy the book.

The journal wall, prominently featured near the entrance currently open due to construction, is drool-inducing.

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The Children’s Section is HUGE, with loads of staff recommendations, classics, used books (seriously — they have vintage Raggedy Ann books, among others), and an entire nook devoted to award winners. They also printed bookmarks with lists of these winners, and they’re free.

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Yes, an entire section devoted to “gross” books.

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Their children’s poetry section is divided into stand-alone titles and collections, with plenty of selections in each. I would have more photos of the poetry section, but the bookseller station was *right by the poetry section* and the lady had already told me she was trained to pick up and shelve stacks of books. It’s impossible to hold a large stack of books and take a photo with my iPhone. Yes, you can tell I’m skulking in another aisle in this photo. And yes, I put my stack down to take it.

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The humor of some folks slays me. There are tons of staff notes on the shelves,  such as “if you loved X, then try Y!” or simply “HA HA HA HA HA!”

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The recommendation reads: “… sigh. This Dutch book(s) is so sweet and kind and pretty and TWEE (in a good way!) that it is a little like taking a Valium after you read it out loud.

They also have reviews written by young customers.

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I had to buy a tote bag to carry my purchases. I did not have to buy the literary water bottle, the magnet, or the stickers. Because the stickers were free. I came home with more than one book I’d never heard of but was recommended highly by the staff. I hope to review them here soon!

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