Poetry Friday and the Summer Poem Swap Kick-off

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It’s Poetry Friday! Our marvelous maven of all things Poetry Friday, Mary Lee, is hosting this week!


It’s time to send my first poem to a fellow swapper. Tabatha has been gracious and kind to give those of us who need to be organized all the information we need — names, schedules, and even a prompt! I’ve been drafting, choosing photos, playing on PicMonkey and on Thursday night I cranked up the pocket laminator for the final step in my process.


I’ve already received my first poem (thank you!!), but I’m going to wait until next week to post that gift. (I like to keep you in suspense!)

Today I’m sharing the poem I wrote as I was thinking about my list of friends to send poems to in the swap, and what I wanted my theme to be. The first year I did postcards, last year I did cinquains. After I wrote the poem below, I studied the blogs of my “swappees” and created a plan . . . which will be revealed on their blogs as the summer progresses.


For You, For Me

by Keri Collins Lewis

I imagine —

somewhere in the world —

a pianist playing scales,

an operettist practicing Italian,

a painter preparing a canvas,

and you,

picking words blooming in the garden of your mind

to arrange a poem

for me.


In other news, the photos are from my garden and my first zinnia bouquet. Summer is here!

Author: Keri

22 thoughts on “Poetry Friday and the Summer Poem Swap Kick-off

  1. Lovely! I’ve never looked a zinnias close up before. In the top photo, are the little yellow flower shapes the anthers?

    1. A quick foray online indicates yes, the little yellow bits are anthers. 🙂 You know so much, Diane!

  2. Keri, your zinnias are magnificent and such a beautiful lead-up to your poem. I hope that you will offer your bouquet of flowers and poem for Spring’s Symphony even though you mention summer. Your combination would make a great PicMonkey collage.Thank you for the information on the summer swap. I am going to take your tip and read through others’ remarks since this will be my first one.

    1. You will have a ball with the swap, Carol! Real mail is so rare these days, it’s quite a treat to get poems by post!

  3. Keri! You really embody the poetry swap spirit! I love how the title of your poem illustrates the reciprocity of the gifts. So much generosity in these lines!

  4. I love your poem! That is just how I feel thinking about these summer poems being swapped.
    PS: Ummmm… and this Monday or Tuesday, when you get your mail, well, there’s a story there, speaking of suspense. Perhaps I will tell it on Friday. Suffice it to say, today’s post was a surprise for me.

    1. Ahahahahahha, Donna, I think I have figured out your story, but we’ll see next week if I am right. Your box should arrive soon!

  5. Gorgeous poem, Keri! I love the line: “picking words blooming in the garden of your mind” – wow! Your fellow swappers are lucky to have your words and beautiful photos to keep them company throughout the summer. Lovely! =)

  6. Zinnias are some of my favorite happy-making flowers, why oh why do I never get around to planting any? So much heart in this lovely poem, Keri. Like those zinnias, it’s a beautiful work of art.

    1. Oh, you should plant some, Michelle! Where you live they would thrive most of the year!

  7. I love the idea of words blooming in the garden of a mind. And how you compared it to the other kinds of artists plying their craft. I will think of this poem every time I see zinnias!

    1. So did we! Which varieties did you get — do you recall? We put a tall variety in the middle of the raised bed and a smaller variety around the edges. I agree they are a very happy flower!

  8. Keri, I’m pretty sure I can guess who your recipient is this time. And you’re putting me on the spot since I’m going to be scrambling to get mine in the mail (and there will be no lamination, I’m afraid)! The poem is lovely, terse and evocative.

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