Poetry Friday and haiku practice

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Amy is inviting everyone to the farm to celebrate Poetry Friday this week!

As I’ve written before, I’m reading Jane Reichhold’s fabulous book, Writing and Enjoying Haiku. Typically I read for a bit during my lunch break one day a week and write some “desk haiku” for practice. (Note to self: write down which technique you’re practicing . . . once you shut your notebook it’s no longer clear!) Then I go back and mine my notebook for a poem to share on Friday.


When I first wrote this haiku, I had humans in mind, and then realized some folks might get excited and think I was making some sort of (impossible) announcement. Then I realized my need for a free photo drastically changed my mental view of this haiku. Baaaaaaa.

So I went with sheep in Scotland. And began to wonder if the surprise of haiku isn’t rendered pointless by having a photo illustration. But the sheep were too cute to go back now, so here they are. Thanks to photographer Donald Macleod for making these sweet babies free through Wikimedia Commons.  (Doesn’t Mama look wild-eyed? As if she’s saying, “Two!? You’re kidding!!”) And thanks to Google for letting me know that Stornoway, location of the photo, is on the Isle of Lewis, part of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides!! (I think we must go there!)

Happy Friday. Happy Poetry.

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22 thoughts on “Poetry Friday and haiku practice

    1. We love STEM poems here in the PF community! Mark has never been to the UK so I hope we can go someday.

  1. I am giggling at what we would all have thought about your poetry announcement sans photo! 🙂 I think those are Icelandics, the sheep we used to have. So beautiful; this photo makes me miss them. Love all of the “ion” words in your haiku, and too, your comment about writing notes to self about technique. So true! Happy Poetry Friday! xo

    1. Wow! Were they fun to raise? I don’t think they’d like Mississippi! Thanks for stopping by, Amy!

  2. I’m inspired by your continuing study of haiku! Keep it up! Speaking of the Isle of Lewis–are you familiar with the chess set from there? I have a replica of one of the pieces, the king with his hand in a sort of “oy vey” position. It makes me smile every time I see it. http://www.isleoflewischessset.co.uk/

    1. I love them! Thanks for linking! I went through a phase of being obsessed with hoards because of such finds. I hate that the term has become synonymous with pack rats & houses full of junk. Hey, maybe there’s a poem in that! Thank you, Diane!

    1. Nice rhyme, Brenda! My sister dreamed of having twins but changed her mind after her son was born!

  3. Those ARE quite the eyes on Mama! Huh! Probably the same eyes you (and we) would have had with the haiku sans photo! I’d stick with the picture! Too cute anyway!

  4. There’s something to be said for visiting the roundup on Sunday. Reading through the comments is almost as entertaining as the post! I have gone down the rabbit holes of the Isle of Lewis (on my travel bucket list now) and the Isle of Lewis chess pieces.

    I’ve had the book you’re studying in my Amazon “save for later” cart since first you mentioned it. Maybe it’s time to buy. I’m trying to imagine how I could add a little poetry writing to my 1/2 hour wolf-it-down-and-get-ready-for-the-afternoon lunch…

    1. I agree that comments are a big benefit to spreading out my blog reading! 30 minutes is tough!

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