Poetry Friday & gifts from Linda and Heidi

poetry friday logoIt’s the first Poetry Friday in September! Laura is hosting the round up at Author Amok.

Today I’m sharing poems from Linda Baie and Heidi Mordhurst — how they brightened my mailbox this summer!

by Linda Baie, 2014
by Linda Baie, 2014


I can’t bear to remove the turtles from my fridge. The fun thing was that Heidi found me on Facebook and had already sent the turtle poem before she saw my turtle picture there.

This wraps up all of my treasures from the poem swap. Thanks again to Tabatha for organizing all of us!

Author: Keri

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & gifts from Linda and Heidi

  1. Both of those poems are like little slices of summer! So tactile. The other day, I saw fourteen turtles and two green herons around our pond. I heard later that green herons like to eat turtle eggs — seems like they picked a promising location…

  2. Serendipity rocks a la Heidi’s turtle poem for you, Keri. Thanks for sharing my poem, but it seems a long while ago now, doesn’t it? Happy fall!

    1. Yes! Our house sweats during the night because we crank the air down so low. 🙂 It won’t be “fall” here for several more weeks!

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