Summer Poetry Swap: A treasure trove from Amy LV!

Earlier in the summer I received a wonderful gift from Amy — a package overflowing with poetry.

In addition to her own heart-squeezing anthem to reading due out next month, Read, Read, Read, I found a confetti shower of poems by several other poets! Printed on brightly colored paper, these poems each offered a distinct voice and vision. Thank you, Amy, for sending an antidote to my summer’s insanity!

I’m sharing one of those poems today with the hope that we will all protect the artists inside us and support those around us. (And hey, don’t burn your artist eyeballs on Monday during the eclipse!)

The Poetry Friday Round-Up is hosted by Kay at A Journey Through the Pages!

Author: Keri

14 thoughts on “Summer Poetry Swap: A treasure trove from Amy LV!

  1. Hmmm….I keep getting a duplicate comment message. Hopefully this will go through now. Oh lovely! That ending is perfect: Give us ourselves new again/Give us our world new again/Reminding us, once more,/That beauty is here/now

  2. Those words in their arrangement on the background are so perfect! I have an artist child who is atypical in many other areas. But, in art she really does feel the shape of things with her eyes. What a lovely, lovely poem.

  3. How lucky to be paired with the amazing Amy. Read, Read, Read is going to be treasured in my classroom! I love this poem she shared with you, and would add “words” to the collection of artists tools!

  4. What a splendid poem–so inspirational if one aspires to be an artist, even a little bit. And yes, eclipse eyeball care is important. Where I live it’s only partial so even more dangerous to look. I think I’ll watch on TV.

  5. Beautiful poem, Keri, I like the closing lines,
    “Reminding us, once more.
    That beauty is here.
    If we could only look for the beauty in things and people, thanks for sharing this poem!

  6. LOVE this poem – I was immediately transported into making an imaginary contour drawing with that very first line. You and Amy both rock, as does Carolyn Lesser. :0)

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