My Life: Birthday Fun

Two of my favorite little people were born to the same wonderful mama in the same month, 4 years apart. They had their party together while Heather was in town.

Annabella turned 2. Colston turned 6.  Mark calls them our “practice grandchildren.” But they’re really family we got to pick ourselves. So blessed! Robert took all of the photos. 🙂

family photo
The Sullivan/Buie/Walters/Lewis/William Family, Aug. 16, 2014
grumpy and annabella
Dr. Princess was showing Grumpy her new medical kit.
colston bday
He’s growing up too fast!


riri and annabella
  Her first present was a pair of shoes that had to go on her feet IMMEDIATELY.
annabella excited
She was a little excited about her presents.

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