Poetry Friday & What is a Blueberry Pie? by Diane Mayr

poetry friday logoIt’s Poetry Friday! Dance over to Robyn Hood Black’s blog to wish her well as she battles some pain, then boogie on to the party at Live Your Poem, where Irene is pitching in to help her pal. Irene shares not only a poem that didn’t make it into her forthcoming book, but also a gift poem from Linda Baie!

I’m slowly digging out of a busy summer’s worth of procrastinated tasks, such as bank statements and piles of stuff on my desk. The best stuff is the poems I’ve received over the weeks through the Summer Poem Swap. I need to take some photos to share a few, but Diane Mayr sent me a jpg of her gift to me, so here it is for your enjoyment. She made me so hungry! Such a thoughtful poem! I love the way you put my blog text in the background, Diane! You are so clever! Thank you,  my friend!


What Is a Blueberry Pie

Author: Keri

16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & What is a Blueberry Pie? by Diane Mayr

  1. I’m glad you like it! I didn’t ask your permission to use your text in the background in order to not spoil the surprise!

  2. From the rolling pin to those blue lips — lovely, Diane! Thank you for sharing, Keri. xo

    1. I discovered your talent for photography as well as poetry thanks to the swap. I hope to share yours soon!

  3. Sounds like those poetry swaps were a lot of fun. Diane, you are so right about blueberries. We just put up 15 quarts of them to have this winter – “Blue Crop” variety – oh, yummm!

    1. Do you freeze or can? We have a couple of gallon-size bags in the freezer to put on cereal, in oatmeal, or in yogurt. So tasty! Thanks for dropping by, Julie!

  4. Love Diane’s poem and the lines “blue-lipped, sated and happy.” She, and many others in this community, are so clever with presentation!

  5. Diane did a terrific job with the poem and image. You and Laura are making me hungry for berries! I have a blueberry pie filling recipe that I make and my husband uses for yogurt, so it never gets made into a pie. It’s delicious anyway!

  6. Such a delicious poem! Love those blue lips! Diane’s poem makes me want to get out my rolling pin and make my own blueberry pie!

  7. “blue lipped, sated and happy.” Yum! Perhaps it’s time for one last homemade blueberry pie before school begins?!

  8. Mmmmm, blueberry pie! My mouth is watering for a slice. Thanks for sharing Diane’s delicious poem, Keri! I love the picture of the bee, too. = )

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