Poetry Friday and a Letter Poem

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It’s Poetry Friday! Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe is hosting the round-up today.  It’s been a very exciting week here in Mississippi!


This is not an unusual sight for many of my PF friends, but it’s Very Unusual for us!

Of course I had to write a poem for Michelle’s challenge.


Dear Snow,

Welcome to Mississippi!

We’re delighted you are here.

Your welcome’s worn out in the North

our welcome is sincere.


We’ve waited all the winter long

to see your frozen face.

We canceled school and work today

to show you Southern grace.


Your gorgeous white against cedars green

paints our landscape in new hues,

please notice as you stay a while,

we’re even wearing shoes.


Oh Snow divine! Oh house so arm!

You fill my heart with gladness!

I’m sure the day you melt away,

my joy will turn to sadness.


Thank you, Snow, for dropping by,

we hope you stick around.

Next winter please don’t wait so long –

a warmer welcome won’t be found.


Love from your friends in the Magnolia State


But wait! That’s not all.


My chicks arrived! They got here the day before the snow, and I got 2 days off to spend watching their antics. We’re having fun. They’re already getting feathers on their wing tips!

Stay cozy and have a super weekend!


Author: Keri

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday and a Letter Poem

  1. Yay Keri! Happy snow! Happy chicks! Thanks for that wonderful poem and picture – I cracked up at the line “we’re even wearing shoes.” 🙂

    We’ve got Southern grace here in Florida too, so feel free to send just a small sampling of the white stuff our way. My kiddos would be ever so grateful.

  2. Loved the poem, made me smile! You captured your snowy delight so well :). You’re welcome to have our share of snow next year, if you like.

    1. I would offer to take it, but I think we’d quickly have to learn to drive in it, and trust me, our drivers are just not ready!

  3. Hi there Keri. I was just in Istanbul last week and experienced snowfall for nearly three days. This daughter of the tropics and the eternal sun felt immensely happy. Your poem has captured my sentiment quite beautifully.

  4. Snow used to be unusual and thrilling for us too, in the DC Metro area, but not so much anymore! Your poem is sweet and welcoming, and your chicks are welcome and sweet! What will you be doing with them, if I can ask it that way?

    1. We get to enjoy it more, I think, because everything shuts down. I hate it for folks who have to get out in it, but our 2 days of being inside and watching it was fun. The chicks are to be pets who happen to lay eggs. No meat birds in this lot (unless we ended up with a surfeit of roosters unexpectedly!). We ordered only hens but there’s always room for error.

  5. Really enjoyed this over at Michelle’s – and can so relate. I’m still cracking up over “we’re even wearing shoes” – every time there’s snow forecast at my son’s college in north Georgia, I say, “Please wear real shoes!”
    SO glad to know the chickies arrived safely and soundly. Peeeep!

    1. Thanks, Robyn, for understanding! There’s still some snow on the ground, but the roads were dry 2 days after the Big Event. I know I’d get tired of it if we had it for months on end, but a 2-3 day visit is quite pleasant!

  6. Keri, I enjoyed your snow poem already at Michelle’s… when we had the big storm last year, my son had worn flipflops to school, and we got stranded downtown and might have walked home, if not for his poor little bare toes… love your pic! And the chicks! I went through a Farmer Irene phase and for several years enjoyed the heck out of keeping chickens. Love fresh eggs!

    1. I’m glad he didn’t have to trudge home in the snow with flip-flops, but what a story to tell your grandkids someday! What else did Farmer Irene grow?

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