PTQ: Magnolia Challenge — The Deadline

Greetings from the Magnolia State!

Last Saturday was the deadline for the Possum Town Quilters‘ Guild Challenge. This year’s assignment was to use a magnolia in some form and include a challenge fabric.  The goal is to send 8 finalists to the national guild challenge and have our guild’s quilts win a spot in the national show. A total of 14 quilters participated and the entries will be judged this weekend in Hattiesburg at the Mississippi Quilt Association‘s Spring Gathering.

I didn’t get photos of everyone’s quilt (sorry Julia!) but I managed to get a few to share.

IMG_9807 (Medium)
Naomi sews her quilts entirely by hand.
IMG_9808 (Medium)
Here is a close-up so you can see it’s 3-dimensional and includes satin fabrics.
IMG_9810 (Medium)
Watana made this, and it’s also 3-dimensional.
IMG_9815 (Medium)
Mary Ann used several quilting designs on this to great effect.
IMG_9819 (Medium)
I love Brenda’s design style! She takes more traditional patterns and blocks and gives them a fresh twist.


IMG_9821 (Medium)
Brenda’s close-up.


IMG_9823 (Medium)
Linda used paper-piecing to create this quilt and added borders to make it the right size for the challenge. She was happy to be done.
IMG_9813 (Medium)
Barb is a beginning quilter but you can’t tell — she is so skilled. Hey, she also used to cater for Reba McIntyre, so she can cook and arrange flowers like a pro.
IMG_9816 (Medium)
Cece’s self-portrait, including her signature cap, is incredible. She added beads to the magnolias the day before the deadline, after saying it was finished in December. Like poetry, quilts are never really finished!
IMG_9817 (Medium)
A close view of Cece’s magnolia beadwork.


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