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It’s Poetry Friday! This week, my poetry friend and haiku guru Diane Mayr is lassoing the links at Random Noodling.

Also this week, we’ve had visitors at the Lewis house! Mark’s daughter Heather, and her son, have been enjoying spring in Mississippi. A certain small someone has decided he loves to feed the chickens, and happily grabs clover and pushes it through the fence.

Here is the only poem I’ve managed to write (in my head, on the way to work) this week:


Author: Keri

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & Sharing Books

  1. What a good reader!
    I’m impressed that you are writing poems in your head during your commute 🙂

  2. Yay! A new recruit! And a cute one too. 🙂

    I’ve lost many a poem writing them in my head. Glad you got this one down!

  3. My daughter taught a few basic signs to her two children, and what a help to have them be able to communicate “More, please”!
    Love to see those early book lovers! Awesome!

    1. Exactly! Instead of trying to figure out why he was crying, he could sign that he was hungry or thirsty, or “all done!”

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