Poetry Friday & Carol’s Gift from the Sea

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It’s Poetry Friday & Margaret is hosting at Reflections on the Teche!

This week I’m sharing the treasures Carol sent my way for the Summer Poem Swap. I feel so blessed to have received wonderful, perfect-for-me treats from the thoughtful poets in our online community!

Carol created a 3-D card & poetry bookmark that touched my heart. I tell Mark frequently I’m too good at being busy & not good enough at relaxing & having fun. Carol’s poem gives me hope I can find some relaxing moments before the summer is through!

Here is a picture of the Mississippi Gulf coast. We were filming on the deck of a restaurant for “The Food Factor.” I’ve been working out of town & thus unable to make the PF rounds lately. But I’m happy to be back this week. I’m hosting next week & will welcome you to the farm with a poem from the delightful Irene Latham!

Have a fun weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & Carol’s Gift from the Sea

  1. I’m on my way to the ocean in a few weeks, so this makes me want it to be even sooner. What beautiful gifts you received, Keri. Although busy, your filming adventure sounds awesome!

  2. What a nice surprise receiving the gift must have been! Your white sandy beach looks so inviting. Beaches in this area are quite rocky.

  3. Keri, I am honored that you are writing about my Summer Poem Swap offerings. When Tabitha sent me your name for the swap, I was so excited because we already had an online friendship. As I started the project I decided to provide you with a creative and unique visual experience. I always say that the visual presentation is so important. My mother taught me that. Since I could not get the feel of a sonnet, I went with a style of writing and creating that suited me. The Atlantic Ocean provided the right materials for my passion project and voila! a poem evolved straight form the seashore. In deciding on the right medium I remembered the exquisite cards that my mother created when she was alive. What I sent you was a way for me to honor her memory. I am glad that my gifts from the sea touched your heart.

    I am hoping that your sunset photo and beach picture will inspire you to create a poem for the new gallery, Summer Splashings, that I am creating.

  4. I know I should be commenting about the poetry, but your photo is all kinds of perfect. I love the composition that draws my eye back and forth, and the variety of textures, too.

  5. I love seeing believer and beekeeper in Carol’s poem! How lovely. Summer Poem Swap is pretty magical, isn’t it?? Thank you for sharing. xo

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