Poetry Friday & my take on “What the Raven Said”

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It’s Poetry Friday and Heidi is hosting!

I’m up past my bedtime (!) and had given up on the idea of posting something, when I found a funny-to-me poem in my notebook, written in August. I had been reading Barbara Crooker’s Small Rain, and liked the title, so I wrote this poem as an exercise. A photo from Wikimedia Commons and less time than usual on Canva . . . and some happy memories from a trip with one of my best friends. Have a lovely weekend!


Author: Keri

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & my take on “What the Raven Said”

  1. It is funny, and considering the news yesterday, also can be seen as alarming. But first, funny, Keri. Glad you searched and found it.

  2. Your poem and the photo go together so well! Nice match-up, Keri. I like your alliteration and the twist of the last line.

    1. That came out great–your photo choice is perfectly intriguing. The guard at the little blue door, the stretched necks and self-important poses of the seemingly gigantic birds, the echo of black feathered heads–just excellent! And it all works because of your poem.

  3. Ah, the power of re-reading your notebook! (Advice I should take more often!)

    I’m hoping that “birdbrains” coming from a raven is an insult…

  4. I saw the ravens at the Tower of London way back in 1964. I was amazed at how large they were. I just assumed they were blackbird size. No wonder a raven gave Mr. Poe the willies!

    Your poem gave me the gigglies. I’m always up for a laugh!

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