Poetry Friday & vacation haiku

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It’s Poetry Friday and the marvelous Mary Lee is hosting at A Year of Reading.

Earlier this week my husband took me to the Little Red River in Arkansas for a getaway and trout fishing trip. I used to trout fish with my dad, and Mark thought it would be a good way to bring back good memories. (Isn’t he sweet!?)

The poem I wrote is not fully representative of the trip — we had a great time, caught (and released) several brown and rainbow trout, and saw some pretty scenery. What you see below is a photo of Mirror Lake near Blanchard Springs Cavern, where we did not fish, and thoughts on the last 30 minutes of our morning spent fishing the day before.

We went on a tour of the caverns, and spent a few hours at the Ozark Folk Life Center. We also met Mark’s cousin, Marla, and her family for dinner and a quick visit. We enjoyed a break from the regular routine!

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10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & vacation haiku

  1. Who needs the trout to bite when you have beauty to look at and memories to savor? Great post. Lovely haiku and photo.

  2. I once wrote a poem about fishing with my brother that came to the conclusion that fishing is about more than catching fish. Lovely image and poem. What beauty surrounds us!

  3. Mmmm…..that’s so beautiful! Love the scene, the idea of going trout fishing to remember your dad and the peaceful poem that came burbling out of it all.

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