Poetry Friday & Poem Swap Treasures from Mary Lee

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It’s Poetry Friday! Dori welcomes us with deep breaths and deep thoughts at Dori Reads.

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This week I am sharing another OLW-inspired poem, this time from Mary Lee Hahn.


Isn’t it marvelous? Isn’t SHE marvelous? The photo matches perfectly, and I love seeing scenery so different from our Deep South landscape.

Thanks to Mary Lee for this wonderful poem and the darling journal and reading flags!

IMG_4779 IMG_4780


Author: Keri

16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & Poem Swap Treasures from Mary Lee

  1. How wonderful! Yes YES to your questions. Thank you for sharing, Keri. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! xo

  2. Awesome! I think the photo is truly remarkable. And I love that you can still read the little warning at the bottom of the mirror: “Objects in mirror…” Thanks for sharing your swap!

  3. Mary Lee has a way of capturing the complicated and the true in a few words. Like haiku, to make an acrostic worth reading is an art in itself. Masterful! And then those fun presents. Love the poem swap!

  4. You’re right, the photo and the poem make a perfect pair. It’s amazing how much can be said (and so artfully too) in a few well-chosen words.

  5. Keri, thanks for sharing my poem, and thanks to all the PF peeps for the kind words! You have lifted up my Saturday morning!

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