Writing a professional bio

As bloggers, professional writers, owners of websites, and human beings, we typically have an “About Me” page or need for a short bio.

From some of us, this can cause a lot of angst.

I recently read this short blog post about it and the recommendations to include a story about how you got started in your field, because “it’s no surprise that we are wired to remember stories.” I doubt that I’ve changed my online bio in years.

What story immediately comes to your mind as the moment or event (or series of events) that launched you into your career or set you on a creative path? Or what story do you tell yourself as a cornerstone to your identity?

I’m pondering this in a different way after finishing the first chapter in a book recommended by a fellow blogger, The Soul’s Code. The author posits we all have an “acorn” inside of us that is “pregnant with the oak tree” that we are to become, and the signs are often in our childhood experiences. I didn’t realize I was embarking on a psychology book when I started, and I’ll confess that it’s a challenging read, but I’m willing to pursue it a while longer to see if the theory holds up.

Do you have any storytelling materials, books, references you find helpful?

Author: Keri

2 thoughts on “Writing a professional bio

  1. This makes me chuckle. I have to write bios for a lot of people and it always causes anguish; however, with my crowd, I think personal stories verses credentials would send them over the edge. So I think the suggestion is solid, but it has to do with the situation in which the bio is to be used.

    1. I agree! However, even a serious bio can have a line that humanizes the individual & makes her relatable.

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