My Life Monday: Align quote & an act of hope

Over the weekend, my daughter-in-law said, “Mrs. Keri, I’ve noticed a big change in you over the past couple years. You’re so much more chill.” (Insert maniacal laugh here. ME? CHILL?!?) I responded, “I’ve just stopped fighting.” If there is one thing I’ve learned in the course of life, it’s that my usual strategy of “boulder in the path, get out the grappling hooks and tackle it” is not the only or best method. Sometimes just adjusting my expectations to better align with reality is more sensible and sanity-preserving.

As for this quote, I don’t know if I agree. NEVER disappointed is a tall order. And reality can be such a downer. 🙂 Your thoughts?

(My word for 2017 is “align.” You can read another quote here.)

Our act of hope for the weekend is planting a garden. Six different tomato plants, okra, sunflower seeds, marigolds, a parsley plant (in a pot on the porch) and . . . the potato slips/starts we bought 2 months ago but didn’t get in the ground. They may do nothing. If that is the case, we will plant flowers over them.

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4 thoughts on “My Life Monday: Align quote & an act of hope

  1. My first thought was of Philippians 4:11:
    Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
    I do try to live that. It is not always without disappointment, and I don’t think it means to set your standards lower, or achieve less…just be happy with what you have and what has happened. There will be other blessings that will come of it. Maybe later. Wait. Kind of like a kid in a car on the way to the fair. Be quiet. Don’t bug your parents. Be happy you aren’t walking. Be happy that you are able. You will get there. Keep your hopes high, not your expectations low…just be content with what you get. I’m sorry! I just started rambling. This is a post, not a comment! Oh, well. Be content with it!!! Ha! (maniacal right back at ya!)

  2. The funny thing about reality is that the whole glass half full/half empty thing is true — both are reality; it’s all just how you look at it. So I guess which reality are you going to align with? xo

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