14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Gardener by Mary Oliver

  1. Mary Oliver, ah! Beautiful! I like the humor that she sprinkles in her poems along with the wisdom. (I didn’t see the image the first time when I came to your page — I had to refresh for it to appear. ?)

  2. Have I loved enough? I’m pretty sure that question is the reason I write poetry. Thank you, Keri! xo

  3. Keri, what can I say but this is Mary Oliver giving us her usual course of beautiful thoughts to reflect upon in the quiet of the day. I have to say your background photo is haunting and would warrant a Mary Oliver-like poem to accompany it.

  4. Keri, something went wrong and I don’t know if you received my comment.

    Thank you for the Mary Oliver poem that is reflective. I am rereading her lines to put me in a quiet place of contemplation and realized that your background scene is hauntingly beautiful. It warrants a poem to accompany it.

  5. I’m still reading posts, and now it’s Earth Day, so love your sharing this from Mary Oliver and reading it today. We do need to tend the roses and quite a few other things, too. Thanks, Keri.

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