My Life Monday: Quotes from the Past

Over the weekend I accomplished one of my summer goals: I cleaned out a 4-drawer filing cabinet I hadn’t touched in years.

In the process, I learned a lot about myself in terms of what has and has not changed over time.

I also learned I may be genetically predisposed to collecting quotes. In a “Quotes” folder, among other pages torn from magazines, I found a small white envelope with my Grandma Edna’s handwriting on it: “To Keri, From Grams.” (She changed from “Grandma” to “Grams” when Grandad died, and I don’t remember why.)

Inside I found tiny, acid-yellowed newspaper bits she (or my grandad, I’m not sure which) had cut from the newspaper and saved. In the old single-wide trailer they lived in for years, they had a built-in dresser in the hallway between the bedroom and the rest of the house. They’d set a piece of glass on top of it, and I suspect the quotes were part of the collage they created.

Author: Keri

3 thoughts on “My Life Monday: Quotes from the Past

  1. What a treasure, Keri! I feel lucky to have a few notebooks from my Great Aunt and Great Grandpa….and sometimes I wonder about that “genetic disposition” too.

    “The value of a man’s advice is the way he applies it to himself.” – Barry Cornwall



  2. I too, love quotes. I especially like the last one in your photo: “It takes less time to do a thing right…” How true is that? Thanks for sharing them, Keri!

  3. What a wise collage they made! Good advice for living (and sweet that she wanted to share it with you).
    Congrats on cleaning out the cabinet!

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