18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Riddle from the Table

  1. Man, all these cheesy poems are making me hungry. And I think your dining “on upper crusts” has nudged me over the edge….time for a snack.

  2. Such a clever poem! I envy anyone who can get rhyme and meter to work together. I’m sure in your house rice n gravy beats mac n cheese any day of the week.

  3. Bravo! And, I love how you included the answer to your riddle in the last line. Super good riddle poem. You’d better use this with students next year! They will love it…and hopefully, use it as a mentor text.

    1. The very reliable source = Wikipedia. Apparently Thomas Jefferson is credited with bringing the delicacy from Europe! The line went in a separate text box (I use Canva) and then I rotated it. Tabatha thought it up!

    1. I hear there are entire mac n cheese restaurants . . . not anywhere near me, but somewhere out there in the greater U.S. 🙂

  4. That would be a good mentor text for other foods and research…maybe set it to music too. I love the combination of history and poetry! Score on the upside down answer!

  5. Well done! It flows so nicely. Elicits a guess. And makes you turn your head upside down! What more could you ask from a poem?

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