Poetry Friday: “A Great Need” by Hafiz

I’ve been reading The Gift little by little over the past two months. I picked it up at a used bookstore. I don’t typically fold down page corners, but have folded down so many in this book to remind myself of what struck me, I’m almost embarrassed. This poem reminded me of kind souls who have encouraged me to keep writing, blogging, and thinking. Thank you.

The Poetry Friday party is being held at Carol’s place, Beyond LiteracyLink.

Author: Keri

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “A Great Need” by Hafiz

  1. I like that exhortation, “listen” in the middle. And yes, we all must. It’s nice to hear about your journey with this book, Keri.

  2. Yes, let’s keep holding on to each other because, yes, the terrain is quite dangerous these days.

  3. The simplicity, and the truth, of this little poem is amazing. Thanks for sharing it, Keri!

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