Poetry Friday: Feeling lucky and a poem from Linda Baie!

My week has flown by, partly because I have been a winner!

Twice this week I’ve won something unexpectedly, and, y’all, it’s just fun. I mean, I’m not a Bingo player or an athlete to frequently experience the thrill of winning. And let’s be honest: feeling like a *winner* is nice. 🙂

On top of the free Lularoe leggings and the Pampered Chef mystery prize, I’m also participating in the Summer Poetry Swap, which allows me to feel like a winner TIMES FIVE. It’s so nice to come home from work and see real mail, and find inside someone’s beautiful creative work written just for me. It’s the poetry jackpot.

Today I’m sharing a beautiful poem from my friend Linda, who seems to me to be the human embodiment of a hug. Does anyone else just feel hugged whenever they read her poetry?

On behalf of the chickens and bees, thank you, Linda! Your thoughtfulness makes my heart dance.

Linda Mitchell is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up at A Word Edgewise. She has two clever activities that are already generating poems and contributions, so please go check it out!

Tomorrow I am taking a barn quilt painting class and I’m crazy excited. If it turns out I’ll share next week!



Author: Keri

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Feeling lucky and a poem from Linda Baie!

  1. Wonderfully rich poem Linda has scribed for you Keri!
    These lines are lovely,
    “Examine the beans climbing strings to reach
    the sky and that touch of sunshine yellow in the
    pumpkin blooms.”
    Thanks for sharing the poem, art, and all!

  2. That poem reminds me of Mary Oliver.
    Yes, Linda does have a way of sharing comforting hugs across the miles!
    Congrats on your wins! Lots of treats this week 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your winning moments, Keri! And yes, I feel the same way about Summer Poem Swap. And what a beaut this poem is! Well done, Linda! And so perfect for YOU, Keri. xo

  4. What a comforting poem, like a favorite sweater on a cool evening. Linda is a lovely person, that shines from her words.

  5. I want to borrow her line “the other to-do list” So fabulous. Don’t you just love LuLaRoe? And poetry swap is always one of the highlights of summer.

  6. Aaaah. A relaxation of the mind ,
    from Linda,
    collecting eggs,
    savoring fish &
    feeling responses from
    dear animals petted.
    You are right, these
    poems are a hug.
    Appreciations for sharing.

  7. I’m glad to hear about your ‘wins’, Keri & thanks for including my poem as one of them. I’ve never heard of LuLaRoe, so guess I need to check it out!

  8. Thank you for sharing Linda’s lovely poem. You’re right: her words are like a hug! I love her gentle reminder to “take a little time to note…”

  9. So I need to know what/who LuLaRoe is! What a lovely, lovely poem that is. I’m reading it on a this cool Saturday morning while wrapped in a fleece blanket, as snuggly as this offering.

  10. Love Linda’s “Other to-do List” Such good advice and, like you say, as warm as a hug. It just makes you want to go out and do these things! Lovely swap poem.

  11. Everyone needs this “to do list” – or one similar! Thank you Keri for sharing this trophy/hug! I love how well it fits you.
    Excited to see what a barn quilt painting class is all about!

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