Poetry Friday: The Great Expanse, by Hafiz

Poetry Friday: The Great Expanse, by Hafiz

It’s only fitting that my friend Donna is hosting at Mainely Write since I have this nautical poem and I always think of her and the beach! Check out the offerings and we can cross the great expanse with compassion, dignity, and poetry!

This week I stayed up past my bedtime more than once to read Melissa Sweet’s biography of E.B. White. I love it! Her illustrations are so clever and she captured him so beautifully. He strikes me as one with compassion and dignity, yet a wonderful sense of humor and keen intellect.



14 Replies to “Poetry Friday: The Great Expanse, by Hafiz”

  1. What a perfect image to pair with these words. Lovely.
    Thanks for the link to the quilter’s page. WOW! The quilts are terrific….an amazing art form that is completely beyond me.

  2. O the expanse of a minute… I too enjoyed the scrapbook style of SOME WRITER. E.B. was well-loved and supported by his family, which is nice to see. Thanks, Keri! xo

  3. Several good reminders in this poem. The obvious — don’t drown yourself with anger — but also, don’t get caught up in judging all those who do go down. Live your best, most compassionate and dignified life while navigating all the angry wreckage around you. (Seems to be lots of that these days. I was going to say “a boatload of that,” but I didn’t want to over-strain the metaphor!!)

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