Poetry Friday: Cleo Wade’s TED talk

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I try to watch one TED talk every week. They usually blow my mind. This week I listened to someone who may be well known in more trendy/younger/fashionable/knowledgeable circles. But she is new to me, and the poem she delivered is riveting in its hopefulness. (I also caught a form of my OLW!)

Please view the entire video of Cleo Wade. Or read the transcript.

Her poem begins:

The world will say to you, “Be a better person.” Do not be afraid to say, “Yes.” Start by being a better listener. Start by being better at walking down the street. See people. Say, “Hello.” Ask how they are doing and listen to what they say. Start by being a better friend, a better parent, a better child to your parents; a better sibling, a better lover, a better partner. Start by being a better neighbor. Meet someone you do not know, and get to know them.



Author: Keri

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Cleo Wade’s TED talk

  1. Keri, this is such a gift! THANK YOU! And go you, with your TED talk a week… what a way to enrich and inspire. xo

  2. I love watching TED talks, too. Such insight and inspiration. I haven’t seen this one, but I’m going to watch it. Thanks!

  3. Keri, this post is full of inspired self-care talk. I love this line from your post: “But she is new to me, and the poem she delivered is riveting in its hopefulness.” That lured me into the Ted Talk. First, I read the transcript, then, this morning I listened. What a great way to open the day.

  4. Keri, this post is filled with inspired self-care talk. Thank you for sharing this amazing Ted Talk. You lured me into first reading the transcript then, listening this morning. What a great way to open my day. I am ready to start my day now. We are connected, Keri, in thoughts and future deeds.

  5. I am inspired to get back to the TED-a-Week challenge. I’m like Carol V. I was so hooked by the transcript that I had to click in and hear her voice. Fabulous message.

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