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Poetry Friday & The Other Side of a Mirror, by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

"All Is Vanity" (1892) by C. Allan Gilbert. In the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Poetry Friday! Tricia is hosting at The Miss Rumphius Effect. In my OLW research, I discovered Mary Coleridge, a Victorian-era poet and great-great-niece of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and her poem “The Other Side of a Mirror.” From what I’ve found about her online, it appears she published little of her work during her lifetime, […]

Poetry Friday & Paperwhites

It’s Poetry Friday! Tara is hosting at A Teaching Life. Thanks again to everyone who stopped here — sometimes more than once! — to share your links and your thoughts on creativity. You are welcome to see what others have posted and add to the conversation here. Related to the “spurts” or “butt-in-chair” thread, I […]

Mirror Monday quote & Pentimento


“A book was like stepping through a mirror. I could go somewhere else. Each one was a door to a whole kingdom.” ~Susan Sontag, via The Writer’s Almanac Last week while traveling for work, I stumbled through a mirror into a small, magical kingdom: a bookstore named Pentimento. Inside I found lovely comrades-in-reading, Toni Wall […]

Poetry Friday Round-Up and Big Magic

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It’s Poetry Friday and you are in the right place!! The Round-Up is HERE!! As I am on the road for work, please allow Mr. Linky to gather your information in my place. My sincere thanks for the effort you put into your post and your willingness to share it here today! You rock! In […]

Poetry Friday: All about Reverso Poems


It’s Poetry Friday! Please visit my friend Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference for today’s round-up of blog links. I promise I won’t bore you with posts related to my OWL, mirror, for the next year. But today I’m acting on Tabatha’s suggestion to talk about reverso poems. Marilyn Singer made quite a splash in […]