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An Interview with Every Day Birds author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater . . . by my chickens

Could it be that *everyone* doesn't see chickens every day?! SHOCKING!

Happy Poetry Friday! Heidi is hosting at My Juicy Little Universe! Look! Spotted in the wild, EVERY DAY BIRDS at Book People in Austin, TX!! I’m thrilled to have Amy on the farm today, but have been so busy I delegated the interview to my chickens. (Please don’t tell them both an owl and a […]

Poetry Friday & Let Evening Come by Jane Kenyon

It’s Poetry Friday! Kimberley is hosting at Written Reflections and has a lovely post about hummingbirds. As I type this, I’m with a team of colleagues in a hotel conference room in Pearl, MS, waiting for the next phase of work. We’re preparing photos and cutlines for a 2-page newspaper ad. It shows more than […]