Poetry Friday & Learning New Skills

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It’s Poetry Friday! Robyn Campbell is hosting for the first time — thank you, Robyn! It’s not as scary as it may seem! 😉

Thursday was another free day off work because of weather. Yesterday it was in the 70s. Today it won’t reach freezing, and ice battered our windows this morning like tiny gravel bits.

This week I finally learned to use an online photo editor to add text to a picture. My first poem went to Carol Varsalona for her Winter Whisperings project. Here is my second one:


The chicks are growing quickly. They’re already growing enough wing feathers to get a little lift when fleeing my well-intentioned hands. Thursday morning I experienced my first “chick mortality,” one of the yellow chicks was dead when I went to check on them. I had stopped feeding them boiled eggs a day or two ago, thinking I had solved their digestive problem, but apparently I quit too soon. I “doctored” two black chicks after checking all of them, so hopefully by being vigilant I’ll avoid further loss. I also fed them a boiled egg.

You can see how much they like it from this video I took earlier in the week. The way they run around trying to keep their bit of egg from everyone else is very entertaining (to me at least!)



Enjoy your weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & Learning New Skills

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full, literally and figuratively! They are adorable. My parents’ neighbors have chickens who overrun my parents’ garden and we’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to keep them out…it’s nice to see the cute side of chickens again!

  2. What busy chickies you have there! Sorry to hear about the mortality. Cute poem — love the peep and poop!

  3. You’ve got plenty of haiku material in that little flock! Have fun catching them on paper!

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