Poetry Friday and Scientists Geeking Out

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It’s Poetry Friday! The gorgeous and talented Robyn is hosting this week at Life on the Deckle Edge.

On Wednesday, I fell prey to the social media lure: “Research vessel has ‘extremely rare’ encounter off Louisiana coast.”

I’ll confess. I was hoping for a giant squid like my Odyssey.

But what a group of scientists operating a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) encountered was a rather large sperm whale. And they all proceeded to get giddy with delight on live camera. Their awe and wonder is a beautiful moment in this jaded world of ours.

For more info. visit the website.

In honor of this unexpected interaction, a short poem.



by Keri Collins Lewis


An ROV named Hercules

sleuthed the secrets of the seas.

He motored through the dark and dim,

when suddenly — Something spotted him.


This gentle giant circled ‘round

to study the oddest fish he’d found

on his trek in search of tales

to share with all the other whales.


Prehistoric and modern eyes

watched each other, checked out size,

then slowly, with a sense of wonder,

the whale left Hercules to dive down under.

Author: Keri

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday and Scientists Geeking Out

  1. Charming poem, Keri! I love the curious whale “on his trek in search of tales

    to share with all the other whales”!

  2. Wow — wonderful poem, Keri! Especially love “on his trek in search of tales to share with all the other whales. ” 🙂

  3. (I love that line, too!)
    And the whole post. I smiled through the entire video – okay, I might have chuckled too. And the post title you drummed up cracks me up!

    1. I’m glad it made you chuckle. At first it gave me goosebumps! But their child-like wonder was so charming and funny!

  4. I love your poem, and your comment about the giddy delight of the scientists. I have to say, their voices (combined with the calm and graceful curiosity of the whale) brought tears to my eyes. What a world in which we live…we just have to keep our eyes open to the beauty that exists.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Mary Lee! I cracked up when they “waved” at the whale, and one guy said, “We come in peace.”

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