Poetry Friday & Summer Poem Swap 2016 Poem #1

poetry friday logoIt’s Poetry Friday! The round-up will be hosted by my friend Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference!

It’s also time for the Summer Poem Swap!

Summer Poem Swap 2016 smaller (2)

My PF friend Donna Smith from Mainely Write intuited that in my secret life I’m a “bag lady” — I have tote bags and reusable grocery bags galore! But this bag takes the cake (or the egg!) — she used a photo of one of my Barred Rock hens and wrote a delightful poem to pair it with!

Image on a tote bag from Donna Smith

What a treat. Thank you, Donna! And, thanks, Tabatha, for organizing us! (I need to hatch some poem-eggs soon for my fellow swappers!)

If you have ever wanted to participate in a poem swap but have hesitated, please join in the fun. It does not have to be a Big (Feathery) Deal. Just a simple postcard in the mail with a few lines of poetry is such a gift. Frankly, as miserable as summers in Mississippi can be, the poem swap gives me something to anticipate!


Close-up of poem by Donna Smith, 2016

On a completely different note, I wanted to share with y’all the big excitement ’round these parts. In my day job, all eyes have been on “Spike,” a Titan arun or “corpse flower.” It’s blooming in south MS, and our department helped set up a web cam for this once-a-decade blooming event. Spike started opening on Thursday and will bloom for about 24 hours, perfuming the air with the odor of rotting meat. For once I’m glad we don’t have smell-o-vision.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Author: Keri

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & Summer Poem Swap 2016 Poem #1

  1. What a great gift for chicken-loving lady like yourself! I’m sorry to say I didn’t sign-up this summer for the poem swap, but I’m taking part in a artsy-fartsy postcard exchange (my description, not the official name). I have to create 4 postcards to share with swappees. Of course, I’ll probably wait until the last minute and stress myself out. (I never learn…) 😉

  2. Great post, Keri! What a cool gift Donna sent you. (Love how she used “incubate” in the poem.)

    I’m off to check out the corpse flower. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Charming poem and gift! Using your photo is awesome, and I love the poem title. I can’t decide which line I like best — so many fun word choices!

  4. I love the thought of words hatching, and Donna is such a thoughtful poem swapper! Thank you for sharing, Keri. xo

  5. Donna’s clever poem is just right for you, Keri, and I’m glad that it helped with the weather. Love the clever rhyming: “awaiting fluff/of precious stuff” is terrific. Our botanic gardens just had their own corpse flower bloom last year, brought lines of people to see, and I guess, smell!

  6. I love the poem and the fact that it is on a bag, Keri! Donna is a fine feathered friend. On a side note, I smelled a “flower” (using term loosely) like Spike a few years ago in Madison, WI – how I wish I could unsmell it. =)

  7. Wow–“Spike” and his inflorescence! There’s something to write to a Poem Swapper about!

    Donna has donnit again–I love the broody moody clutch of eggwords! Lucky Keri and all who see her bag.

  8. What a treasure Donna’s poem is, especially to someone so partial to hens! Have never heard of the strange plant you and the U are web-camming. Fascinating!

  9. What a wonderful gift. I’m sure it will brighten your summer! And a corpse flower! They are so fascinating (though I’m not sure I want to smell one, lol).

  10. Yes, for the word hatching that happened courtesy of Donna. What a ingenious poem swap! As for the heat in Mississippi, I can just imagine after visiting St. Louis last summer (enveloped in a wall of heat) and Louisville a few weeks ago (two shower days). I hope you share some of the footage of the Spike event. Stay cool, Keri.

  11. Ooo, a bag with a chicken and a poem of scratching magnificence, yay! Donna knocked it out of the park. And a corpse flower, how fascinating.

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