Poetry Friday & a Poem Swap song from Buffy

poetry friday logoIt’s time to celebrate Poetry Friday! Amy is hosting at The Poem Farm!

Today I have such a treat for you, thanks to Buffy Silverman! You may have seen it on her blog last week or it may be new to you! I have to say I intended to share it last week . . . but was recovering from “a touch of pneumonia” as the nurse practitioner said. It knocked me flat and I’m just now starting to have some energy again.

Buffy sent me Very Good Medicine in poem form, along with some special treasures. This smiling amphibian made my day. Happy Friday! Happy weekending! THANK YOU, BUFFY!!

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Author: Keri

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday & a Poem Swap song from Buffy

  1. So sorry about that bug you had. I’m fighting a cold with laryngitis this week, so the croaking toad’s music delighted me, too. The poetry swap gifts just keep on giving.

  2. I’m sorry about your illness, Keri, and glad you’re better, can see how Buffy’s poem would cheer you up! I love that beginning, a perfect view of wetlands.

  3. May that smiling frog and beautiful song-gift keep you healthy! I am glad to hear you are better – our eldest was really down with a cough too – took forever to get better. Much energy and many wishes for a robust and poem-filled autumn. xx

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