My Life Monday: A Quilt Project Round-up

I’ve discovered that I have a habit of finishing quilts & giving them away before I take good photos or create a blog post. So sometimes I forget what I’ve made. This post is to help me remember/record so when I’m feeling frustrated with my lack of progress I can look at it & say, “You *are* improving. Mostly.” The pictures are not showing up in order, and I don’t have the patience to move them using an iPad. ?

I’ve got two pictures missing — lap quilts for Mom & Granny. I also can’t find a photo of Seth’s baby quilt or the full patriotic quilt auctioned by the JROTC. Or the quilt downstairs … see why this is a necessary endeavor?

Author: Keri

6 thoughts on “My Life Monday: A Quilt Project Round-up

  1. Keri,
    Thanks for the quilt tour. I’m sure everyone who sees this will have their favorites, as I do. I am impressed with the sheer number of quilts you have made. My mother learned to quilt as a young girl–taught by her mother. And continued quilting into her 90’s. And what is the most important thing to her? Those teeny tiny stitches she tenderly put into all her work.

    1. Hand quilting is a true art! One of my Mennonite quilter friends first said to me, “I could teach you how to do it all by hand, but I don’t want to mess up your productivity!” I would love to see photos of your mom’s quilts if you have any!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Quilts would get a lot more use in your neck of the woods than MS. I usually have to cover up because of the air conditioning!

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